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Name: Albert Cook
Company: Train4All
Site: Alphington

Date of Case Study: 28 February 2022

Where are you currently studying, or have you just completed?
I have just completed the Routeway 2 Construction course at the Alphington Partnership Plus Skills Academy.

Why did you want to enrol onto the academy?
I enrolled onto the academy as I really wanted to pass my CSCS test and get my card. I have always wanted to work within construction, particularly being either a bricklayer or working with the groundworks team. I’m hoping that the course alongside getting my card will allow me to achieve that.

Give a brief outline of where you spent your time on your experience.
The first few weeks we did a lot of work in regard to health and safety as well as revising to pass our CSCS tests. We also did some practical work, particularly bricklaying which I really enjoyed. Since passing my test, I have spent some time up on site with both the brickie’s and the groundworks team, two trades I really want to go into in the future!

What aspect of the work experience did you find the most interesting?
I have really enjoyed working together with a team of lads again. Not only because I get on with a few of them, its nice seeing the final product of all our hard work.

What do you think you gained from your experience?
The bug for working back within construction again. I did it briefly within the past and getting my CSCS will fingers crossed be able to help me get a job. I was also awarded “learner of the course” by Lee at Train4All and was given a brand new toolkit, something I was so happy to receive!

What are your career aspirations?
I’m happy to get any job within construction, however as I mentioned before, hopefully one day I can become a brickie or work in the ground works team!