Apprenticeships – Information for Employers

For employers, taking on an apprentice would give your company access to a whole host of well trained and highly motivated individuals that can bring some fresh approaches (and innovative ideas) into your workplace.

Shared Apprenticeships
Information for Contractors

Shared Apprenticeships is a not-for-profit organisation which manages a flexible ‘shared’ approach to apprenticeships, reflecting the needs of the construction industry.

They take care of the employment responsibilities for the apprentice and allow the contractor to choose the placement length which meets the needs of their business.

They manage their apprentice’s journey by moving them between host contractors to enable them to achieve their apprenticeship. The benefit to contractors is that they can support a proportion of an apprenticeship without any long term risk or commitment whilst meeting their business needs and delivering local training obligations.

For their apprentices, the benefits of their shared apprenticeship experience is clearly demonstrated in their breadth of knowledge, skills and personal development.

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Take on an Apprentice

Apprenticeships provide a key route into the construction industry and play a vital role in ensuring our economy recovers. Now is the time to play your part and take on an apprentice to ensure there isn’t a skills gap in our future workforce. The Government have announced additional benefits for businesses taking on new apprentices.

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An Employers Guide to Apprenticeships

As an employer, there are many benefits to employing an apprentice, and the process is also a lot more simple than you think!

Are you an employer eager to take on an apprentice but not sure where to begin?

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Costs and Funding

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Shared Apprenticeships Scheme South West

Shared Apprenticeships South West work with a number of main contractors, sub-contractors and local supply chains to manage and provide the best apprentices to suit you, taking care of employer responsibilities.

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An Employer’s Guide to Apprenticeships:

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