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Where are you currently studying, or have you just completed?
I undertook the 8-week Routeway to Construction course with Train 4 All at the Alphington Skills Academy, following a four-year apprenticeship in solid plastering at PETROC college.

Why did you want to do this work experience placement?
I have. I worked for a local company who unfortunately made me redundant in January 2021. I had been looking for work whilst caring for my mum and struggled with money, which resulted in me not being able to afford the £90 insurance fee to become self-employed. I saw the Partnerships Plus Skills Academy Traineeship being advertised and signed up as I wanted to keep myself busy and enhance my skill set.

Give a brief outline of your work experience during the course:
Vistry partnerships worked with me to get work placements on a development nearer my home as I was travelling nearly 2 hours every day to attend their academy. I met with the Build Director who showed me around the development and introduced me to various trades, we discussed my future goals and how they could help.

What do you think you gained from the experience?
After starting the course and meeting the VP team, I received a call from Charlotte Olver asking me if I would be interested in an Apprenticeship as a Trainee Site Manager following a conversation she had with the build director, who said he wanted me to be part of the Vistry family due to my skills and attributes. The CEO of Vistry Group had approved additional budget for me to be taken on by the Vistry Homes SW business as their Apprentice Trainee Site Manager.

What are your career aspirations?
I had the opportunity to discuss my passions, my long-term plans, and where I wanted to be in five years with members of the Vistry Team. This is where it really highlighted that I would love to manage a team. This led me to the apprentice site manager opportunity. If it was not for the skills academy and the hard work of the Vistry team as well as my own passion I would of never of received this life changing opportunity and I just want to thank them all for helping me and believing in me.

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