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Employment and Skills Plans

One of the key roles of Building Greater Exeter is to support major developments* in Exeter, Teignbridge and East Devon to develop Employment and Skills Plans and ensure that they are delivered.

This is in line with the CITB Client Based Approach and work towards a set of national indicators. By using this approach, all partners engaged in Building Greater Exeter will be able to easily demonstrate the impact of their development locally. The overall impact of all the developments taking place locally will also be easily understood.

An employment and skills plan has many wide ranging benefits, supporting people into jobs and training, promoting apprenticeships, encouraging work experience and helps to support careers information for young people. They enable contractors to demonstrate through their own work and that of their supply chain that they are contributing locally – both in economic and social terms – through the delivery of the activities.

The Building Greater Exeter Project Manager is on hand to support contractors with developing their employment and skills plans and delivering the required outputs. There will be a range of events and opportunities made available to partners and supporters.

*major developments of £1m or more (generally at least 10 houses and 1,000m2 of non-residential space)

Shared Apprenticeships is a not-for-profit VCSE / Social Enterprise supporting contractors with measurable social impact and sustainability. Read more here.