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Supportive Roles

Supportive roles include administration, finance, HR and customer services.

The training providers listed below offer courses in the Greater Exeter area. Please contact them directly for further information.

Alternatively, click on the button below for a printable PDF (designed to meet the needs of dyslexic readers) of courses and training providers.

Interactive PDF

Contact: Charlotte Davidson
Tel: 01752 604713

Visit Greenlight Website

Course title

APPRENTICESHIP in Customer Services

Level: 2

Online: No

F2f: Yes

Blended: Yes


Start Date: Monthly

All our Apprenticeships are run from our training centre, 2 days a month, with a start date each month. This helps our growing number of employers maintain busy sites and grow their company skills.

To access the website click here 

Contact: Building Growth SW
Tel: 07825 629030

Visit Building Growth South West website

Course title

BOOTCAMP - Future of Construction Skills

Online: Yes

F2f: Yes

Blended: Yes


Enrolment Dates: 11 Sept, 14 Sept, 18 Sept and 21 Sept

Building Growth South West have introduced Skills Bootcamps – Future of Construction to help you and your business identify and understand the benefits of modern methods of construction and offsite solutions.

Through this training course, you will learn how to reduce the environmental impact of construction, whilst building your confidence in the requirement for traditional trades and skills, which continue to be fundamental to the industry.

To access the website click here