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Apprenticeships offer a chance to work on-the-job with experienced staff, and combine practical and academic learning.

As a construction apprentice, you’ll be employed full time. You’ll avoid student debt and earn a wage whilst gaining industry-specific qualifications. There are 100’s of diverse, rewarding construction apprenticeships to choose from.

Scroll down for lots of useful information, resources, videos and case studies…

What is a Construction Apprentice?

Go Construct’s website (click on the image below) contains lots of information on the benefits, roles and how to apply:

Videos of Apprentices

Check out our YouTube Apprenticeship playlist with different construction apprentices talking about their own experiences.

Case Studies

Below are some case studies from apprentices in construction and the built environment, sharing their own experiences and what they enjoy the most!

Find Apprenticeship Opportunities

Click here to search for current construction apprenticeship opportunities near you.