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Structural technician apprentice Jake works alongside the engineers at Sands Consultants realising their designs and ideas as drawings on the computer. He found his apprenticeship on the Exeter College website and hasn’t regretted his choice ever since.

Photo of Jake Langsford“There isn’t anything that I don’t like about my apprenticeship, time flies and it has already been a great year.”

After completing his training he could develop design ideas for an architect or a civil engineer. However, Jake feels really fortunate with his current employer.
“At the moment I don’t picture myself anywhere else.”
For Jake the environment in the office as well as the fact that he can see the immediate results of his work make his current workplace so enjoyable for him.
Consistency and dedication are key qualifications for a successful career which is why Jake arrives in the office really early every day, “it’s good to be sociable as you will have to be on the phone a lot and communicate with people”.

Amongst his friends, Jake is the only one who started training for an apprenticeship after school. However, he has never experienced this as a disadvantage and actually feels he is better prepared for the challenges of an independent life.

“In hindsight, some of them will probably wish they would have done an apprenticeship as well. If you don’t want to go to college full time, it is definitely an opportunity worth looking at.”

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