Job Roles

There is such a wide variety of career paths to choose from within construction. We have put together a list of helpful resources which will give you more info into the different jobs available… and which role would suit you best!

If you would like some more information about all the different types of job roles available, check out this handy A-Z careers guide by GoConstruct.

Not sure which role would suit you best? Check out the career explorer tool from Go Construct to help you decide!

Each role listed in our Careers A – Z falls under one of ten construction personality types. These personality types all involve similar training, skills and knowledge. Take Go Construct’s Ultimate Quiz to find out which personality type you are.

For more resources visit our Education Hub.

This Interactive careers explorer from GoConstruct will inform you on the different areas in construction to see the huge range of roles available – from building houses and public buildings to roads and railways!

What’s it really like to have a construction job? Take a look at these stories from people working in construction jobs across the UK. Find out how they got into the industry, what they do, and tips on working in their fields.