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Name: Luke Pawley
Company: ISG Ltd
Site: Exeter Logistics Park
Date of Case Study: 26 January 2022



Where are you currently studying, or have you just completed?

I am in my 1st year at the University College of Estate Management (UCEM) studying Construction Management whilst working on site in Exeter as an Apprentice Construction Manager for ISG Ltd.

Why did you want to do this work experience placement?

Before starting this apprenticeship, I had spent very minimal time on a construction site. Every now and then I would get the opportunity to be able to work on one, and in that short space of time I knew the construction industry was the way forward for me. Construction management has allowed me to diversify my knowledge and skills in the industry, not only learning about one trade, but all of them. Being in the construction management role has enabled me to use my skill strengths, for example, problem solving, team working and communication, which are all important to have in this role.

Give a brief outline of where you spent your time on your experience

As this is my first year with ISG/UCEM I have only been able to experience two jobs. My first project was an extension to an existing warehouse which they kept running throughout. I have recently moved to a new site where we are constructing two warehouses that we are building from the ground up. In this short space of time, I have expanded my knowledge in the industry astronomically.

What aspect of the work experience did you find the most interesting?

Being on site and organising trades and coping with logistical challenges. As well as this, being able to meet new people in the industry daily.

What do you think you gained from your experience?

Risk management – Every project has risks. Perhaps a resource won’t be available when you need it, or delayed approval from a client will set your timeline back a few days. Project managers are responsible for not only navigating around risks but anticipating them so that they can try their best to avoid them altogether.

Budgeting – as an apprentice project manager there are financial constraints that we need to work within, and we use our budgeting and financial management skills to deliver winning projects within those limitations.

Time management – Project managers keep everyone on schedule and, when issues arise, are responsible for resolving them and communicating effectively with team members and other stakeholders.

What are your career aspirations?

I have an open mind in terms of my aspirations, I would like to spend time in my current role, gaining experience and expertise, until I am in a position to have more responsibility and control over projects, so that I can assist the company in bringing in work, maintaining and creating client relationships and ensuring projects are managed efficiently. I am ambitious and excited to achieve as much as possible during my career.