Could construction be the right career path for my child?

There is a variety of job opportunities in construction that might just match your child’s interests and skills. Some character traits and abilities may give you a hint whether your child might thrive in a construction career:

  • Interested in technology
  • Team player
  • Good manual skills
  • Creative
  • Interested in architecture/building his or h2544er own worlds
  • Enjoys physical activity
  • Good spatial awareness

Many negative things you might have heard about construction are simply stereotypes and myths. There are a lot of facts that speak in favour of a possible career in this sector.

Contrary to common preconception, the UK construction industry is the safest in Europe. In 2007, only 1.8% of UK workers reported an injury occurring at work that resulted in sick leave.

Working in construction also ensures a secure job with a stable income. Over 75% of employees are on permanent contracts and as the sector is booming, there will be many more vacant positions in all areas.

320.000 women in the industry prove that it isn’t only open to men.

An apprenticeship isn’t going to lead into a dead end. After finishing it there are still a number of opportunities for further education. Your child could aim for the next apprenticeship level, visit a management course or even go to university.

Doing an apprenticeship in general and earning his or her own money will help your child to become more independent from an early age. 

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