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Could construction be the right career path for my child?

There is a variety of job opportunities in construction that might just match your child’s interests and skills. Some character traits and abilities may give you a hint whether your child might thrive in a construction career:

  • Interested in technology
  • Team player
  • Good manual skills
  • Creative
  • Interested in architecture/building his or her own worlds
  • Enjoys physical activity
  • Good spatial awareness

There are so many rewards and benefits of working in construction, with plenty of room for career progression and skill development and the UK construction industry is the safest in Europe.

Working in construction also ensures a secure job with a stable income. Over 75% of employees are on permanent contracts and as the sector is booming, there will be many more vacant positions in all areas.

320.000 women in the industry prove that it isn’t only open to men.

Modern apprenticeships are designed by employers so the training reflects the skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need for a particular occupation.

Apprenticeship training is of a high standard and only training providers who are on the register of apprenticeship training providers can deliver the training.

Working as an apprentice means you earn while you learn. An apprentice works in a real job and spends at least 20% of their working hours training. So they gain the skills needed for their chosen occupation.

Some apprenticeships include a qualification, including a degree. All of the training is free, so the apprentice has no student debt to worry about.

If you are a parent and would like more information about apprenticeship opportunities for your child, please click here.

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Go Construct – ‘Pride & Joy’

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