Service Leavers

One of the main focuses of this project is to encourage more service leavers to consider a career path into construction. As well as their technical abilities, service leavers have valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork and project management. This skillset is highly sought after by employers right across the construction sector. As a result, companies are now actively seeking ways to encourage more service leavers to join their employment programmes.

Service leavers that have already made this career transition speak highly of their job role satisfaction. Check out Lee’s story about his transition from the Royal Marines into construction:

Lee’s Story

Royal Marine of 12 years Lee Barrow is now working for APEX in the construction business as an advanced scaffolder.

During the 18 month notice period required when leaving the marines, Lee had to make some difficult decisions regarding his transition back to a civilian lifestyle / career. Lee voiced some of his thoughts during this stage:

“In that time you still try to work out, are you doing the right thing by leaving the army? Do I want to go in the X industry, or
another job? Over that long stretch there is kind of a worry on if you 
are doing the right thing or not.”

These types of decisions can be daunting but is something all service leavers have to face. With some support and guidance, Lee decided he wanted to transition into a career in the construction industry.

Working within construction in the form of a scaffolder became the perfect connection for Lee after his time as a Royal Marine. He found physical work in an outdoor environment actively enjoyable. Meanwhile, daily complex tasks such as erecting and dismantling scaffolding were great with keeping Lee mentally engaged in the role.

Despite his initial hesitation of doing an apprenticeship at the age of 30, Lee soon realised how his skills acquired during his time as a Marine were easily transferable to his new role. The apprenticeship included elements of leadership, timekeeping, organization and following instructions. All of which Lee already had. Lee quickly progressed through his apprenticeship and has now gained qualifications that have enabled him to secure a more advanced role. For more info about apprenticeships, please go to our Apprenticeship Page.

Lee Barrow’s advice for service leavers who are considering what job they want to transition into is:

“Try and think about which way you want to go. What you want to do? … The biggest thing is to make sure you have chosen the right path you want to go down.” If you would like more info for finding out which career in construction would best suit you, check out our Job Roles page.

Lee’s story is a perfect example as to why we believe more service leavers should join the construction sector. Our project focuses on bridging the gap between employers and service leavers looking for work in the Exeter area. If you would like more info, please Contact us.

Services Resettlement

For more info regarding the service transition resettlement process click here.

Willmott Dixon have produced a case study ‘Supporting Military Leavers into Construction Careers’ which may be viewed by clicking on the PDF below:

CIOB – Arming the Construction
Industry for the Future

CIOB have produced a brochure on recruiting from the military into construction: Arming the construction industry for the future. Click on the image below to read the brochure:

For information on the range of opportunities visit the websites suggested below to find out more: