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The Industry

The Construction Skills Network are forecasting that in the South West between 2018 and 2022:

  • Output in the sector will grow at 2% each year
  • The industry will require an additional 4,480 each year
  • 9% of growth will focus on infrastructure

Nationally the Government has published its Construction Sector Deal which outlines the ambitious partnership between the industry and the government that aims to transform the sector’s productivity through innovative technologies and a more highly skilled workforce.

The construction sector, encompassing contracting, product manufacturing and professional services, had a turnover of around £370 billion in 2016, adding £138 billion in value to the UK economy – 9% of the total – and exported over £8 billion of products and services.

With a number of large scale projects happening in Exeter it is critical that we do all we can to enable growth to continue. If you would like to help secure our future please contact us