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With both his parents involved in the industry a career in construction seemed like an obvious choice to Tom, especially as he realised he didn’t want to be in full time education any longer. 

After looking into some job titles in construction he turned to Kier who provided him with a 4-week work experience and gave him the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship afterwards. 

“I would advise anybody to do a work experience before starting an apprenticeship to prevent disappointments on both sides.”

Tom has been working for Kier for almost two years now. As a trainee quantity surveyor he makes an important contribution to the realisation of their various projects.  His job involves evaluating and procuring potential subcontractors, placing orders, and making payments.  Thereby he always takes into account the high standards Kier demand of their supply chain partners.

“It was definitely a learning curve for me at first, but doing it everyday you quickly start to figure it all out. It is really enjoyable when you realise how far you’ve come.” Amongst his friends Tom’s career path is an exception rather than the rule. 

“I was the only one of my friends who did an apprenticeship. My school was pushing me to go to university and I went as far as sending off my application. I had no plans of going, but it just seems to be the norm to do it either way.” 

However, he never ruled out the possibilty of an university degree and Kier supports him in taking up his part time studies next January. 

“I feel like I am further ahead in my career than I would be if I had gone to university first. In the next four or five years I will be able to achieve my degree one way or the other.” 

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